How to Build Your Own Synthesizer Workshop: Bumsss, BingBong, Fuzz-O-Mat @ Worldtronics 2010

     |    Friday, der 3. December 2010

Fans of analog sound synthesis can attend a joint workshop held by Schneiders Büro , the leading address for haute couture electronic instruments (see more of Schneiders Büro in TOTALLY WIRED) , along with Leaf Audio.

In this workshop at the  Worldtronics Festival 2010 at the House of World Cultures, you can learn to build either one of our DIY equipment BingBong (MiniSynth), Fuzz-O-Mat (super heavy distortion) or our flagship, the Bumsss (DrumSynth) built be. The workshop lasts approximately 2 hours (Bumsss 3 hours), which also depends on your soldering skills, but the kits are good for beginners. The decision on which device you build, can be made  spontaneously on site.

Access to the trade fair at the World Tronic festival is free! The workshop participation fee is 40 € (Bumsss 75 €)  to be paid cash on site and includes all material costs for circuit boards, components and enclosures, except for pot lids. Please bring your soldering iron! A little experience in soldering helps, but is not required. Registration is required ! If there are any workshop places free, spontaneous participation possible.

DIY-Synthesizerbau-Workshop from Leaf Audio on Vimeo.

On Saturday December 4th Leaf Audio is offering a build your own sythn workshop during the Worldtronics 10 trade fair (market) at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Leaf Audio offer workshops in the field of sound synthesis and creative use of synthesizers in various situations. This involves several synthesis forms (subtractive synthesis, FM synthesis, granular sythesis) and various systems (analogue modular system, software). All the workshops feature a a lot of hands on practise and experience because this is what makes theory utilizable and often leeds directly to the evolvement of creative ideas.

The Workshop is a collaboration between LeafAudio and Curetronic and is part of the Worldtronics 2010 at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin . The Worldtronics Festival is a meeting point for labels, record stores, event organizers, software companies and of course musicans and fans from around the globe. Entrance to the market is free and you can test, look, listen and make things yourself.

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