HotDocs Toronto: Can You Do This With Your Tap Water? (GASLAND)

     |    Tuesday, der 4. May 2010


photo: / Josh Fox


Natural gas is poised to become a dominant player in the energy game – says Josh Fox in his film Gasland. The recent deep sea oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that was caused byBritish Petrol (BP) may distract from the fact that in the USA, drilling for natural gas has shifted into high gear. Fox was offered money to grant drilling permits on his land. But he first asked questions, and the answers didn’t satisfy him. Instead of taking the money, he put a camera in his hands and looked at other places in the US being drilled for natural gas. He found not only polluted underground springs and local residents with mysterious ailments, but burning tap water as well…

Video (15 seconds): CAN YOU DO THIS WITH YOUR TAP WATER? from JOSHFOX on Vimeo.