Historian and Civil Rights Activist Howard Zinn Dies at 87

     |    Monday, der 1. February 2010

Howard Zinn, the professor, historian and social activist and one of the America’s outstanding intellectual social critics, has died.  Zinn served as an Air Force pilot in WWII and became deeply involved in the civil rights and peace movements.  Zinn’s most famous work A People’s History of the United States is a history textbook that offers comprehensive alternative perspectives on American history. Along with his scholarly works in historical science,  Zinn also published three theater plays including “Marx in Soho”.

On realeyz.tv, you can watch CLASS DISMISSED , Howard Zinn’s Paper Tiger video that discusses the way history is taught US schools. Howard Zinn also gives a statement in AXIS OF EVIL, a film that looks at the way politics defines “evil”.

An interesting overview on the life of Howard Zinn, with commentary by Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker and Naomi Klein, can be seen in a video on the Democracy Now! Website.

mtv on the other hand features pop culture celebrities (like Bruce Springsteen, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) in a tribute to Howard Zinn.