Happy Meal

     |    Saturday, der 16. October 2010

I have just discovered an interesting series of photographs taken by an American photographer called Sally Davies. Every day, for 6 months, she has photographed the same Happy Meal from Mc Donald’s and found out that this food doesn’t perish over time: it has just hardened and has barely changed appearance after six months.

I have never assumed that Mc Donald’s serves healthy food. However, I wonder the reason why this food doesn’t desintegrate over time. Are very strong preservatives added to the food there so that it doesn’t change over time? If so, what type of preservatives are these and what are the long term effects on the body? This should be investigated as the Happy Meal is served to children whose organisms are more vulnerable than the ones of adults. I intended on buying a Happy Meal for my son tonight; I’m not sure if I will now…


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