Hamburg Fine Arts University (HfbK) Goes to Oberhausen

     |    Saturday, der 2. May 2015

The bitter Apple_

Until May 5, the Ruhrgebiet city of Oberhausen is the center of the universe for all cinema professionals who create, program or review films 45 und under. Minutes, that is. The International Short Film Festival presents the shorts state of the art, in five competition programs (international German, music video, kids‘ films and works produced locally in the state of Northern Rhine Westphalia) and sidebars devoted to non-blockbuster 3D films and filmmaker profiles devoted to Ito Takashi, Erkka Nissinen, William Raban, Jennifer Reeder, Vipin Vijay and the Super 8 work of Derek Jarman.

realeyz channel partner Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HfbK) is an Oberhausen regular. HfbK student Hana Kim (LOV) is premiering her latest, „Der bittere Apfel vom Stamm“ (The Bitter Apple From the Tree), in the German Competition. Shot by fellow HfbK student Paul Thalacker (AT HOME/HOME), Kim’s film is an autographical experimental documentary that explores Kim’s identity as a Korean director in Hamburg. For ten weeks, she returns to Korea to visit her mother. Kim records her mother’s experiences, impressions and thoughts with her video camera.

More information about the festival here.