Grownupism! 1Day, When I Grow Up!

     |    Thursday, der 4. March 2010



So, as usual, I wuz sittin’ an’ stinkin’ ‘bout sunny skies, warm breezes an’ not havin’ to slip an’ slide on icy sidewalks an’ wear ten tonsa clothes.

I have to get up even earlier for skool, jesta have enuf extra time to put on alla my winter kamouflage clothes stuff, in order to hide from cold wind outside

I don’t know why my parents didn’t thinka growin’ me an’ my sister up in sum place warm all year roun’?!

It’s so simple an’ I jes don’t unnerstan’ why I have to think of alla these simple things like warm weather all year roun’ an’ my parents didn’t thinka this stuff earlier?

Oh well, I guess ‘cause I’m young, I kin thinka alla the things my parents couldn’t or didn’t think about!?

I guess maybe edukation is not such a bad idea after all!

‘Cause it can sure comin handy, sumtimes.

Oh yeah, speakin’ of skool, I can’t forget the dragon teacher an’ now she’s cum up with wut she calls “a new and improved idea”!

She always laughs after she sez that stuff!

Aktually, it’s not as funny as she stinks, ‘cause it jes means more work for us kids!

Now she’s gotta brite idea, that alla us boys, sing with the girls inna singin’ group!

She calls it a chorus but I know a singin’ group when I see one!

An’ hear one too!

Mano, I don’t wanna stan’ up in front of a lotta people, lookin’ like a pin up boy with my hair slicked down!

Well at least, I’m not in the heat all by myself, ‘cause she has alla us boys with our feet in the fire an’ our mouths wide open, so nobody can laugh at anybody!

An’ especially at me!

I know my parents sey, one day I will realize alla this skool stuff is for my own good, but I gotta admit, “one day” seems likea awful, long, boring, lotta work, far away day to me “for my own good” ‘specially right now!

Boy… alla this stuff for own good is wearin’ me out.

So, I think I’ll jes sey


I luv you