Girls and Young Women in Africa: Forerunners of Social Change

     |    Friday, der 3. July 2009


Director Statement by Kim Longinotto on DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET

The women and girls in this film are the forerunners of change. We can see with Simalo, who runs away from her old life, that she’s not going to be able to fit back into her community; she’s already an outsider. But she’s the first girl in her village to have made a stand and she has become a role model for other girls, so her bravery has had a huge impact already. The people in this film are pioneers. They are performing feats of great courage and their actions will have an incalculable effect. Fouzia, an extraordinarily wise and charismatic nine year-old, confronts her mother and tradition on her younger sister’s
behalf and Fardhosa, a doctor, works tirelessly and with such humour and gentleness behind the scenes. The 16 girls make the difficult decision to take their parents to court, a truly landmark case which will change the social history of their country. They are fighting to have completely different lives from their mothers. As Gladys says ” I don’t want to have 15 children, I want an education. I want a bright future.”These are African girls and women we might not normally hear about, but they are true heroes who are transforming our world.