Gérard Depardieu removed from a plane last week

     |    Sunday, der 21. August 2011

Photo: Vincent Roche on Flickr

It seems like it becomes a custom for French middle-aged men to be taken out of planes lately. The first one was Strauss-Kahn in New York and last week, it was Gérard Depardieu’s turn. He is said to have urinated in a bottle at his seat before take off on a Cityjet flight from Paris to Dublin. Apparently, a flight attendant had denied him access to the toilet before take off while the plane was delayed and he couldn’t wait any longer. Friends who were flying with him decided to come to his rescue and gave him a bottle. Apparently, the bottle coudln’t take all the liquid and Depardieu urinated on the plane’s floor by accident! This is when he was removed from the plane… He has declared to be sorry about the incident and that he had been trying to be as discrete as possible…

A movie about an embarrassing situation available on realeyz.tv: O HOMEN NU


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