Flower Power

     |    Tuesday, der 28. May 2013


flowers in an urban settingHey, instead of graffiti, one creative city dweller in Kreuzberg, downtown Berlin, filled cans with earth, planted some petunias and other dots of color, and fastened the cans to the rain drainpipe on her building. This flower lover also tied the cans to the lampposts in her neighborhood. An explosion of yellow, blue, ruby red, magento, pink you name it. There is power in color and in beauty. The power to soothe, the power to delight, the power to heal. What would we do without flowers? They are the love of my life.

Here are some more graffiti plantings – urban art – vertical guerrilla gardening, spreading color! The most fun are the cans with faces on them. xhiller loves it! Flower Power. We have a film related to this theme. Pupa’s Garden.

flower pots on a lamppost

flowers in cans attached to a lamppost - to a street sign. xhiller photographs in Berlin-Kreuzberg for realeyz.tv, guerrilla gardening, urban art