Fallen Blossoms: New Film by Lior Shamriz, Now Crowdfunding

     |    Thursday, der 16. October 2014

Berlin-based director Lior Shamriz (SATURN RETURNS; JAPAN, JAPAN) is currently crowdfunding his latest film „Fallen Blossoms“. Leading actors James Cowan Guo Li are featured in three loosely related episodes. The first two, which take place in Los Angeles, were shot earlier this year. The teaser (see above) for episode 1, „Seventy Eight“, promises a stylish and sexy 70s-set road movie with darker overtones.

Shamriz will shoot part 3, „The Polar Desert“, in November 2014 in Berlin. He plans to stage an art happening in Berlin (at the Wolf space in Neukölln, which will host an alternative cinema center starting in 2015) and include improvisation by the attending crowd. To cover equipment rentals, catering and travel costs, Shamriz has an Indiegogo campaign running until next week. You can support the completion of „Fallen Blossoms“ by clicking below.