Reckless biking

     |    Thursday, der 5. January 2012

I’ve read an article in a Berliner local newspaper lately in which a journalist complained about reckless biking in Berlin. He referred to some bikers being very dangerous for cars as they don’t observe traffic rules. I was pleased to read that I am not the only one who is unhappy about the behavior of some bikers here. I live on a very long and straight street in the quarter of Kreuzberg. Some bikers around here bike so fast and are so inconsiderate that it is dangerous for pedestrians to be on the sidewalk. They seem to feel invincible on their bikes as if they were racing and ready to run anybody on their path. Maybe they feel cool about riding a bike and being ecologically friendly. I don’t find reckless biking cool however and wish that reckless bikers became more considerate. Adults like me can watch out for reckless bikers on the sidewalk but children and elderly people maybe not be able to do so. So, please speeding bikers, it’s great that you’re biking but it doesn’t mean that you have to act as if you were alone on the streets!

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