Older People in Berlin and on realeyz.tv

     |    Monday, der 18. November 2013

filmstill from the documentary film blue skin flaming heart

Two days ago, I saw a very small, yet interesting exhibition about 100 year old people in Berlin. It takes place at « Rathaus Schöneberg » until December, 15th. The woman on the picture below is called Ulla M. She is 101 and one of the persons presented at this exhibition. I have added a photo of her because her face looks so amazingly young. This exhibition shows pictures and interviews of the portrayed persons. I was impressed by the fact that these old people still have much courage to face life. Despite having some physical handicaps, they still seem to enjoy life a lot and don’t regret to have become so old. The moving and amusing German-Swiss documentary Blue Skin Flaming Heart on realeyz.tv fits well with this subject. It describes the life and the friendship of three 90-year-old tattoo artists. Quite an unusual hobby for this age group! On realeyz.tv, you will find many other captivating films about aging.

Ulla M.

Original photo: Marion Schütt. Portraited person: Ulla M. (101)

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