Keith Haring Retrospective at Brooklyn Museum

     |    Monday, der 9. January 2012

Flavorpill, the music/film/art geek’s ultimate online information source, just published their list of most anticipated art exhibitions in 2012. Among them, a show Keith Haring’s early works at the Brooklyn Museum. Sure, Haring is often cited as an example of ultimate co-optation of underground voices by the mainstream. Haring’s distinctive, stylized figures with bold outlines and strong colors made the jump from Manhattan walls and subway cars to coffee mugs and stationary. But it’s always important to remember the role an artist and his/her work played in the time of origin. And Haring’s significance as (street) artist, innovator and also activist for AIDS awareness and treatment (Haring died of AIDS-related ailments in 1990) cannot be overstated.

The focus on Haring’s early work from 1978 to 1982, including rarely seen experimental videos, thus sounds all the more intriguing.

More information about the exhibition here.

N.B. The exhibition spaces were all in the U.S. or U.K. The homebase city Berlin is hyped as an art hub, but no 2012 show made the Flavorpill cut, not even the Berlin Biennale coming up this June.