Ben Breedlove

     |    Tuesday, der 3. January 2012

I have received this video from a friend last week. This story is not so much up to date any more but it is so astonishing to me that I wanted to share it in case some people still haven’t heard from it. This is unfortunately a very sad story. 18 year old Ben Breedlove from Austin, Texas -the author of this video- died on Christmas Day after suffering from a life threatening heart condition for all his life. A week before dying, he published the following video on YouTube. It is totally silent and only showing flash cards explaining Ben’s battle with death. I find so heartbreaking that he died a week later. He looks so healthy and young on the images that it makes it hard to understand that he died so soon after. Striking is also the fact that he smiles so much in the video despite his very hard fate. This video is heartbreaking but really worth watching. Ben Breedlove was really a brave person for having the courage to tell his sad story all alone in front of his computer. His family only found out about the video after he passed away.

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