Ecuador: X International Festival of Indigenous Film & Video

     |    Tuesday, der 30. March 2010

This is an invitation! The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) is sending an open invitation to the X. International Festival of Indigenousness Film und Video productions. Registration begins now. The festival is being held in Ecuador in September and October of this year (2010).

CONAIE is an umbrella organization that was founded in November 1986. It represents numerous indigenous communities, peoples, and nations living in three geographic areas of Ecuador: coastal areas, the Andes highlands, and the Amazonian lowlands. The indigenous population is estimated to comprise 40 to 50 percent of Ecuador’s 14 million people.

The festival aims to promote multinational communication and to advance inter-cultural dialog and understanding. The festival will help spread the traditions, values, world views, ways of life, and the challenges facing indigenous peoples. Education and entertainment are also goals of the festival as a way to inspire, and support the indigenous communities, and to celebrate the human spirit in all of its forms.

And not least of all, the festival is a platform for indigenous forms of communication the opportunity where ideas and experiences can be exchanged so that advancements in fulfilling indigenous rights can be discussed and analyzed. Both on a national and international level.

The X. Festival for Indigenous Film and Video presents film screenings throughout provinces in all of Ecuador. This includes a festival series that will be shown in indigenous communities from September 22 to October 4, 2010. The main festival will be celebrated in Quito, the capital city, from October 6 -10, 2010.

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