|    Thursday, der 30. September 2010

Some of my best friends eat animals. One of my favorite writers has stopped – and written a wonderful book about it. Jonathan Safran Foer’s TIERE ESSEN (Eating Animals, at Kiepenheuer & Witsch) is an elegant mix of biography, essay and progress report. The book is an eye-opening pleasure to read. He ponders the fact that eating meat is socially sanctioned and talks about his grandmother’s views on nutrition and health, which were formed after times of hunger and prosecution in the Nazi era. Foer contemplates the brutality of factory farming, visits slaughter houses and talks about animal dignity and feeling and how eating meat affects the environment. TIERE ESSEN is a gentle look at vegetarianism without a lecturing tone.

 I’m giving this book as a birthday present to everyone this year. What about you?