Drama Queen: Kerstin Cmelka Presents Her Media Art Series „Mikrodramen“ at Berlin’s Lichtblick Cinema

     |    Friday, der 27. November 2015  |     5

Still from „Mikrodrama #11“ (2014). Directed by Kerstin Cmelka, featuring Mario Mentrup

While artist-filmmaker Kerstin Cmelka is prepping her latest opus „Animals“ (featuring her partner in crime, the Berlin-based Renaissance man Mario Mentrup), Cmelka will provide a rare opportunity to see her multimedia series “Mikrodramen“ on Saturday, November 28, 20:15 at the Lichtblick cinema in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district.

“Mikrodramen” is an ongoing collection of live and filmed performances, video art pieces, photography works and publications that show fragments and archetypes inspired by early cinema, vaudeville, popular theater and re-enactments that explore dysfunctional communication and highlight turning points of life arcs without the backstory or context.

Here’s the 2008 short “Ich liebe dich” (I Love You) to whet your appetite

“Ich liebe dich”, „Mikrodrama #11“ and three other works will be screening with Kerstin Cmelka in attendence.