Don’t forget your guts: Tantra

     |    Thursday, der 5. December 2013

blog_tantra_mainWestern societies are fast, impersonal and individualistic. Utilitarian activities are considered more important than activities that could benefit our personal well-being. We are schooled to become “worthy and successful members of the community” . We train our bodies and minds to disregard our emotions, and turn our interior world more and more into an unknown entity somewhere far in the distance. We are encouraged to “be someone in the future”. But, how are we supposed to be “someone” without a heart, without guts and without humanity, if those are the qualities that distinguish us from machines? With this in mind, more and more people in the West see a solution in various eastern spiritual practices. And TANTRA is one of the most popular ones.

The Czech filmmaker Benjamin Tuček approaches this experience throughout his documentary TANTRA, which reveals a way of channeling the power of sexual energy towards the development of our personal potential and to apply it to other aspects of our life. The film is a journey through the tantric experience, showing its different features through the hands of experts and teachers. But, there is something not so spiritual about the whole thing. Many people see a lucrative business opportunity in tantra, and sell spiritual awareness as the next 21st century panacea.

Even if human instincts couldn’t be more natural and fundamental, society always disapproves and tries to restrain them. Some impulses, such as sexual desire, fear, or rage are still censured in some social environments, although it is exactly our emotions and impulses that connect us to the human community and each other. Instead of feeling and accepting our nature, we are incited to consume and to possess all type of material goods, forgetting about the richness inside us. But, actually, nothing makes sense if our hearts and minds are not at peace.

Tuček’s direct and honest documentary delves into the deepest and most authentic aspects of our humanity. It invites us to ponder being human in a situation that is liberated from social restrictions; free of fear, free of pressure, and free of clothes.

Clara Rodríguez A.