Dogs in BerlinDogs in BerlinDogs in BerlinDogs in Berlin

     |    Sunday, der 12. June 2011

Today, I have decided to also write about dogs in Berlin. I too find that there is too much dog poop on the streets here. There is also a lot of it in France, where I come from. However, it seems that certain rules need to be followed on this subject in France (not everyone follows these rules, but I have never heard of such rules in Germany). In France, people expect dog owners to have their dog go to the bathroom in the gutter. On top of that, a special machine called the «motocrotte» is being used there. This is a motorbike with a vacuum that sucks in the poop. Maybe Berlin should invest in some of these machines! Berlin charges a tax for owning a dog. This tax doesn’t exist in France. I wonder what the money is used for. In my opinion, the tax money should either be used in order to clean the streets or this tax should be cancelled. Maybe that is why people don’t pay attention here. They might want to revenge on the government for paying this unjustified tax. I don’t see why dog owners pay a tax. Why not pay a tax for owning a cat too? I have two cats and really wouldn’t understand having to pay taxes on them. Taxing animals is shocking to me if the money is not clearly used for cleaning the streets or creating dog parks.

Another problem that I see with dogs in Berlin which I find more worrying than the dirt that they leave on the streets is the fact that many dogs are not on leash. This is a real problem, especially if one has children. Dog owners always seem to think that their dog is nice but personally, I do not want to have to hope that they are right every time I pass next to a dog walking around freely. Dogs should be on a leash, except in dog parks. I really don’t understand why the Ordnungsamt is not stricter on that. I often have to pass in front of a big pitbull unleashed next to my building. He might be nice but what if he is not? What chance would I have against this huge dog if he attacked me? No chance at all. I find that dog owners are very egoistic when they don’t watch their dogs and let them wander around in Berlin. I am for stricter laws on this.


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