DAS GIFT – Yoko Ono Exhibition in Berlin

     |    Thursday, der 9. September 2010

A hole made by a bullet


The gallery HAUNCH OF VENISON is showing Yoko Ono’s Installation “Das Gift” from September 10 to November 13, 2010. Yoko Ono is a conceptual artist and in this installation she addresses violence, healing, transformation, love, and questions the dichotomy of the personal and the global..

A HOLE, a fragile yet brutally forceful sculpture, is a focal point of the exhibition. It presents viewers with a pane of glass pierced by a bullet, with an instruction engraved on the glass, which reads: “GO TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GLASS AND SEE THROUGH THE HOLE”. Ono’s instruction encourages viewers to see from the perspective of both aggressor and victim, simultaneously engaging two opposing viewpoints.