Dark Circus – New Horror Film by Julia Ostertag. Now Crowdfunding.

     |    Tuesday, der 3. March 2015

On the set of Julia Ostertag’s new film „Dark Circus“.

German director Julia Ostertag is a chronicler of often transgressive subcultures – politically and sexually – that create spaces for exploring diverse identities and ways of living. Her documentaries “Gender X” (2007), AND YOU BELONG (2013) and NOISE & RESISTANCE (2011) are insider views of DIY (often queer) music and performance cultures in Berlin and around the world. They screened at festivals like The Berlinale and achtung berlin and have been widely screened internationally. The indie sci-film SAILA: PUNK DYSTOPIA FROM BERLIN (2008) is set in a vaguely post-apocalyptic urban wasteland. Here the heroine discovers a parallel universe in which violence is menacing and alluring.


Coming off various documentary projects and a music video for Leipzig punk-black metal band Victims of Classwar, Ostertag returns to fiction with her latest, the horror film “Dark Circus”. Like in SAILA, the main character is a young woman who is drawn into a psychosexual underground. But where the former film was sparse and brooding, “Dark Circus” is a carnivalesque, sensual and bewitching trip to the occult.

Music video for „Giftspirale“ by Victims of Classwar

Dark Circus” is currently shooting in Berlin. Funds are still needed to cover costs of locations, lights, camera and catering. Bypassing traditional crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo, Kickstarter or Startnext, Ostertag is collecting support directly on the film’s website. Check out it out and support a truly independent cinematic vision and practice.

Natalie Gravenor