Cold War in a Trash Bag – New Project by Burkhard von Harder

     |    Monday, der 15. August 2011

Burkhard von Harder, director of THE SCAR, reports about his latest project, COLD WAR IN A TRASH BAG.

The project encompasses approximately 10,000 black and white negatives. I found them last year in the attic of a former Communist newspaper building in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. During the last 20 years, since the Ukraine became an independent state, this material has been decomposing and was set to be discarded. With the help of an official permit by the director of the local art museum, I was able to salvage the negatives sight unseen and take them back to Germany. Here I gradually digitized them and published the results in a series of PoD (publishing on demand) books that showed Cold War-era daily life in Vinnitsa in the Volhynia region and in Podolia, all in the western Ukraine. Recently, I travelled back to the Ukraine to show these books to the museum director. It was a moving moment as he realized that he was looking at the city’s visual remembrance which was almost destroyed. He recognized many people on the photos, some of whom are still alive today. I have been invited to return yet again to Vinnitsa for a reunion with the Cold War subjects of these photographs. August 24, 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Ukrainian independence.


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