Cinema Reloaded

     |    Friday, der 25. December 2009

The upcoming International Film Festival Rotterdam, known for discovering and presenting cutting edge cinema, has launched a new inititiative – Cinema Reloaded – that strives to harness the potential of crowdsourcing to raise funds for new, innovative films.


Info from the Cinema Reloaded Website:



On the Cinema Reloaded website, three film projects are presented. On the website you can see how much each film project still requires to meet its minimum budget. By investing in a project, you become a “co-producer” and can therefore access special information, private forums and also the following services:

* Regular updates by the filmmaker

* View the premiere of the film in streaming VOD

* Have your name in the credits if you purchase a minimum of 5 coins

* Invitation to the theatrical premiere (depending on availability of seats)

You are able to create an online profile on the site and are encouraged to attract more co-producers.


The International Film Festival Rotterdam has been championing innovative and exciting filmmakers and taking their work to new audiences. This new project – Cinema Reloaded – is now taking that mission to a new level by using the opportunities offered by the digital age. Cinema Reloaded will experiment with new forms of financing, production and distribution for the kind of innovative, artistic and independent film with which Rotterdam has always been associated.

The festival has asked 3 filmmakers – Alexis dos Santos, Pipilotti Rist and Ho Yuhang – with whom it has worked before and which represent the kind of filmmaking it has championed, to participate in Cinema Reloaded. Each project will be funded by you; the very loyal and dedicated Rotterdam festival audience and cinema lovers everywhere.