Cannes-spiracy Theory

     |    Sunday, der 22. May 2011


Photo: Christian Geisnaes

Ok, my conspiracy theory has been confirmed – Lars von Trier had his misguided, calculated to shock “I’m a Nazi” outburst at the press conference for Melancholia so that female lead Kirsten Dunst would knock Tilda Swinton out of the Best Actress race. Before Melancholia was screened, Swinton was a strong contender for her universally acclaimed performance in Lynne Ramsay’s We Need to Talk About Kevin; but isn’t

Tilda Swinton’s picture already printed in the dictionary under “universally acclaimed” in lieu of a definition?

Festival persona non grata von Trier achieved that his film couldn’t/didn’t win the Golden Palm (for which it certainly was a favored candidate), but so that the festival not be accused of aesthetic knee-jerkism, the film (not von Trier as a person) had to win something. And so the Best Actress Palm went to Dunst, who very graciously thanked von Trier.

Terrence Malick’s Tree Of Life won the Golden Palm.

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