Cannes Godard Still Shake Up the Film Industry As We Know It?

     |    Saturday, der 15. May 2010

When a new Godard film premieres in Cannes (FILM-SOCIALISME, in the section “Un certain regard”) the news alone is noteworthy. But Godard wouldn’t be Godard if he wasn’t simultaneously engaged in discourse surrounding various topics: copyright, cultural memory, the disappearance of  “aesthetically challenging” film theaters outside of the festival circuit (including the fact that his films often don’t find a distributor) and the spread of film in the internet.

Here a collection of related materials:

1. . Article from Telepolis, by Peter Mühlbauer on May 17, 2010.

“Wenn das Gesetz nicht gerecht ist … geht die Gerechtigkeit vor dem Gesetz”

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Two hour interview with Godard about FILM_SOCIALISME (French with German subtitles)

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