Blog news * Courts Ping Pong on the Belo Monte Dam Project * The Devil Operation Film Website Now Online

     |    Sunday, der 18. April 2010  |     12

About the FDCL blog on – the news here is that our posts (1-2 per week) will be available in the future in German only and in English if the source material is in that language. Based on the experiences gained since starting the blog in mid-February, it has become clear that translating all blog postings is not realistic.

Setback for Belo Monte  – the Brazilian Courts Feuding…“On April 16, 2010, Jirair Meguerian, the regional federal court president of Region 1 (TRF1) blocked a temporary injunction issued by the cabinet at Altamira (PA). The temporary injunction issued on April 14, 2010 would have annulled the license to build the dam as granted by the IBAMA  and have stopped the upcoming bidding process for construction of the Belo Monte dam project.” More news from the Belo Monte Platform (in German).

News about “The Devil Operation”: The film’s website is now online (currently in Spanish and English) – with photographs, background info, and news about the people who play a role in the film.

… keeping abreast of Belo Monte and The Devil Operation pays off!