berlin speaks to us

     |    Wednesday, der 11. May 2011

people have a lot to say in berlin – and they sometimes say it with notes and signs on doors, lamp posts – well you name it. joab nist blogs for the site notes of berlin. This site publishes pictures of notes, signs and other forms of communication taken by people who send them in and joab nist publishes them on his site.

you can also put your own photographs to good use and contribute them to this community blog project.  If you come across an interesting note, don’t hesitate to share it by sending it to this platform! It’s a fun thing to do and there is even a chance every month to win something. Here is the English language info from the site.

“What is this blog about? To keep it short: NOTES OF BERLIN posts notes of  Berlin. If you want to participate, please send notes that you have found either postally (address above) or via mail (address above). Please indicate your find with location (where was it found). With the sending of notes that you have found, youallow NOTES OF BERLIN an unrestricted licencefor further usage, online and offline. Contact-details (phonenumbers & email-addresses) as well as the full names of persons which can be identified on notes/photographs, will be made unrecognizable by NOTES OF BERLIN.”

– simon

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