Berlin Documentary Forum 1 at the House of World Cultures

     |    Tuesday, der 1. June 2010

Today June, 2, 2010, the event series Berlin Documentary Forum 1 opens at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Germany.


The Berlin Documentary Forum 1 explores the role of documentary imagery in contemporary social processes. This thematic discourse will be held by way of lectures, exhibitions, film screenings and interventions. OK, one must admit that it all sounds rather academic. Perhaps the series seems to address less the people who are affected by the politics of the image than those who deal in media theory. Nonetheless, opening a space for this type of discussion is always a good thing. Hopefully people from a variety of disciplines will meet and participate in this discourse during the 5 days of the Documentary Forum.

Info text (Source: Haus der Kulturen der Welt)

It is the documentary that inquiries into the means of image-producing practices. For the first time, an international meeting highlights documentary practices across disciplines. BERLIN DOCUMENTARY FORUM demonstrates the increasingly significant role of the documentary in the visual arts, performance, literature and cinema.

The first edition of the new biannual encounter at Haus der Kulturen der Welt features five days of thematic programmes, conceived by a group of international filmmakers, curators, artists and theoreticians. A key component of the encounter is the critical re-evaluation of historical processes in the light of the contemporary moment. Also at stake is the role that images and strategies of representation, subsumed under the term “documentary”, have acquired in present-day politics.

As the distinctions between reality and fiction, artifact and document are challenged today more than ever, the Forum engages with the documentary not as the picturing of reality but as a way to come to terms with reality by means of working with and through images and narrative. The BERLIN DOCUMENTARY FORUM thus seeks to explore new modes of reflection and media education in a world in which reality is never a static given, but a complex set of relations.

Program here.