Berlin Diary

     |    Wednesday, der 11. August 2010

The top picture looks like a beach on some exotic shore but it was taken at the Krumme Lanke lake in southern Berlin. The boy is walking along the earth. In contrast, the girl is jumping from a tree – not yet splashed through the water’s glossy surface. She is ‘caught’ in the sky -the air element- traditionally associated with the male principle.

Albeit underwater, the boy has his feet on the ground. The earth is often seen as the female principle. So this is my own personal, kind of yin and yang imagery.

When the girl does enter the water she will swim to the same shore the boy is on. And actually, the strange diagonal line in the top ‘beach’ picture is a branch of the tree the girl is jumping from. The two children are actually spatially very close – separated only perceptually.  Photographs are images separated from their place of origin. This can indeed be confusing if not downright deceptive.