Berlin Diary: Wrangling with Wrangelstrasse

     |    Friday, der 21. February 2014

Wrangelstrasse in Kreuzberg 36 is gentrification in action. Amazing, how if you close your eyes for a month or six, what you see when you open them again. Fancy cake shops and ice cream (oh no, sorry Gelato) vendors doling out Italian-style in shabby chic storefronts.Is that the way the (Barcomi) cookie crumbles? Well, nice to see that there are some artists out there with a different kind of ambition. Or is it just pre-‚eigentumswohnung‘ posturing?

graffiti in kreuzberg - wrangelstrasseWell – if you read the handwritten note there on the bottom left, you gotta believe that this artist would be happy to have a job of ANY TYPE. Whoa, that’s a far cry from ’schicki micki‘ fashion designer stores and ‚vinyl‘ record shops. Or is it? What kind of curve is playing out? What kind of dynamics play into a neighborhood? What role does graffiti play in this day and age of total appropriation? Food for thought.

I would work – if I knew what work was…

Graffiti detail.