Berlin Diary: Treasures à la Pizza a Pezzi

     |    Sunday, der 12. December 2010


O-Strasse, Berlin, 5pm. The sky has long since gone dark, but the air is bright with cold. Traffic strangely muted, moving at half pace. The street and sidewalk are covered with deep soft snow. As soon as you think about it, your feet have already gone numb.  What now? Ah, there’s Pizza a Pezzi.

The place is remarkably non-irritating. Hot pizza, hot pepper, and hot expresso. What’s that coming from the little player near the big oven? Sounded Italian. Sounded dubby. I couldn’t speak Italian, and Alessandro couldn’t speak German: ‘What’s the music’. ‘Posse 99′. Ok cool.  ‘Can I take a picture of the drawings up there’. ‘Yes’.



There are 3 large drawings hand crafted in charcoal directly onto the white washed wall. Treasures on Oranienstrasse, 5pm on a winter eve.

PS I also spied several StreetUniverCity posters for  their play at Hau 2 ‘Faust in da City’. Unfortunately I saw the poster for ‘Faust in da City’ with UniverCity one day too late.