Berlin Diary – Tagging in Berlin – Schriftkunst

     |    Wednesday, der 27. November 2013

xhiller fotografiert schriftkunst als taggin in den strassen berlins, schwarzweiss, calligraphy artxhiller has been scouring the streets in Kreuzberg the past days for excellent examples of tagging in Berlin. In a doorway in Pücklerstrasse – on a black ceramic  tile with white pen – a handwritten tag repeated in calligraphy style – of course it brings to mind  L’ATLAS.  The repetition a statement, a visual device, harking back middle eastern mosaic and holy writings.

xhiller for realeyz, photo, berlin Kreuzberg,

Crouching in the doorway, camera in hand, focusing, wondering who the artist was, why they chose this door… a dog barks sharply.  Shuffling and dog noises from behind the door break my concentration.  Hurry up hurry up – as always in the city, not much time for picking a perfect angle. The door is going to  soon as an apartment  leaves the building to walk her dog. And indeed, the door swings open and  hits me – just as the camera ‚clicks‘ . A friendly dog walker steps out and grasps the situation at once. She admires the beautiful artwork on her building. She doesn’t complain about me or the graffiti – not even a little. Instead she praised the work – saying it was beautiful calligraphy – true art. Ha! Berlin, Ha! Kreuzberg – always looking for the new, the stylish, the different – we love you!