Berlin Diary: Street Life

     |    Tuesday, der 7. September 2010

Comfy chairs


It is important to find oases of calm. These chairs are invitation to sit down and relax. I think a good cafe is really like an extension of your own home. A place where you ca be alone, or chat with whomever happens to be around. Lerchen und Eulen ( Larks and Owls: a reference to early birds and night owls) is a fine example of a commercial establishment that integrates itself into neighborhood life in a postive and enriching way. The homemade ginger and peppermint tea is really good. The espresso is dynamite – the way it should be! Berlin is good for people sort of making things up as they go along. Just another example of the creative process in action.

Lerchen und Eulen, Pücklerstrasse, Berlin 10997