Berlin Diary: Kreuzberg Goes 1UP

     |    Monday, der 15. April 2013

1up graffiti in orange, xhiller foto für reaelyz.tvWhat is One Up? Who is One Up? Where is One UP?  One Up is a sprayer crew from Berlin-Kreuzberg. Their work is everywhere, and not just in Berlin. The easy to remember name stands for One United Power. Their pieces are love letters to Berlin – especially to Kreuzberg. Yeah! I love it! A „one for all and all for one“ crew whose writers don’t use their own names on their pieces but always sign them 1 Up. This graffiti is some of the most feel-good tagging in the city. 1Up to me means feeling up, optimistic, positive, united with like thinking folks who know what the important things in life are all about. Working together for the good of all. That is 1 UP.  For more see here.

picture of one up graffiti on a roll down blind by xhiller for realeyz