Berlin Diary: Juggling Life

     |    Monday, der 8. April 2013

photo of a young man in Berlin who is juggling three pins while sitting on a unicycleSome people have all the talent! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted a very tall unicycle resting against a lamppost. The thing must have been close to 2 meters high – at any rate much bigger than I am. My astonishment was all the greater when my friend called out ‚look‘! There, on a busy, busy street corner in one of the most thickly congested corners in Kreuzberg – was an acrobat tossing bowling pins in the air while balanced on a unicycle. The second unicycle – the one the juggler was riding, was even much taller than the one against the lamppost! There were two acrobats juggling on unicycles on Saturday on Mehringdamm near Hallesches Ufer. I chatted with both of the guys. I watched them juggling while nonchalantly controlling their perch. It takes nerves of steel combined with a ‚devil may care‘ enthusiasm for life to entertain the whole city while sitting two meters in the air – with just small piece of a skinny tire to hold you . If you look closely, you might notice that one of the pins seems to be on its way to ground. Yes, it did fall seconds later, but hey, that’s life!

a photo of a very tall unicyle with a long vertical drive chain - photo by xhiller