Berlin Diary: Green Is My City

     |    Thursday, der 18. August 2011


Early morning meditation on the color green – designed, citified and plastered on the wall. This particular poster is advertising a dance event. Green and white stripes – eye catching and very hard to miss. But I liked the way the uneven wrinkles look like mountain ridges in miniature, or the stripes for a new,  greener America?

Looking down at my feet  (highly advisable in Berlin, where dogs have undisciplined owners…) I noticed that the heavy rains had sprouted a bouquet of vevelty mushroom – right tight against the crumbly brick wall – with some lush dandylions as next door neighbors.

All in all a peaceful coexistance.

Xhiller is dedicated to the preservation of nature’s beauty and diversity. Even in the city. In this respect, please watch BULLSHIT . It’s a documentary about one of the founders of the international ‘ecofeminism’ movement: Vandana Shiva, Indian environmental activist and nuclear physicist. Known as the “Green Killer”, she is one of the world’s top environmental leaders and thinkers.