Berlin Diary: Frohe Ostern und Frühling der Liebe

     |    Sunday, der 31. March 2013

graffiti of woman and man kissing - xhiller for realeyz

Love, a many splendoured thing. But loving the weather in Berlin takes a special dedication. The snow and ice are unremitting in spite of the fact that spring has officially already sprung. Thankfully the artists provide us with respite from the cold – as seen here in this Kreuzberg graffiti. Found on the front facade of an apartment building on Lausitzer Platz, the love circulates between the two lovers. The blue sun glows along with them from behind. Love makes everything better! We at realeyz wish you an enjoyable holiday and much love.

The kids, or the grown-ups who remain young at heart – show here their own ideas of how to enjoy the snow. Porcupine snow mount! Get out and play!

photo of a mound of snow decorated with icicles