Berlin Diary: Fred and Ginger Swing Time at the Ankerklause

     |    Friday, der 3. January 2014

Fred and Ginger graffiti Hollywood black and white ankerklause Berlin Kreuzbergxhiller on the Kreuzberg beat – picking up some digital graffiti time on the banks of the Landwehr Channel. Near the Ankerklause a big, big marque „You’ll Never Be Happy Until You Try“ with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers sprayed onto a cleanly painted white wall. Black and white – with just their hearts in living red. The stand-out icons with a pounding pulse dancing for us on a cold winter day.

Fred and Ginger we know, but who are the graffiti artists? Looks like a male/female spraying team going by the tag 2 Spread. Two artists spreading the word:

tag of Fred and Ginger graffiti Hollywood black and white ankerklause Here is picture of the Ankerklause Bar taken from across the channel. You can see the billboard sized work on the lower wall.


And if you look very closely on the gray wall mirroring it, you’ll see a fluorescent green speck next to the window shuttered in white. This is what the bright green speck is:

banana_banana_ankerklauseBanana, banana! A nice paste up by an artist Killmore Mammoths. All in a day’s walk in Kreuzberg.

And finally, on the wall next to the Ginger Fred message another word graffiti: Heute war damals Zukunft (Today was once the Future). Isn’t that the truth – so – as another saying goes: Carpe diem!

graffiti kreuzberg ankerklause