Berlin Diary: Charlie Chaplin I See You

     |    Friday, der 8. November 2013

Hallo Charlie Chaplin. The little guy there with the floppy hat and the funny shoes. With  mustache belonging to a murderous maniac. Where did you come from? What are doing on this street corner, peering out at all the people rushing by? Do they see you when they are passing, looking out from the wall. Hands in your pockets, striped shirt tucked in beneath the suspenders. Who are you waiting for?

xhiller foto berlin graffiti black and white stencil charlie chaplin kreuzberg

Who is the stencil artist who finds just the right spot to leave this street child? Here in Kreuzberg on the corner to Skalitzer Strasse. Charlie is located next to a Naturkost Laden – an organic food shop – on the corner to Lausitzerstrasse. I have seen this little dude many a time.

Is the Charlie artist the same artist who makes the ‚little miss‘ images found all around town? Mostly close to the ground, like this one here. She is on the other side of the doorway. xhiller will post us a picture when the weather gets better.

xhiller foto berlin graffiti black and white stencil 'little miss' kreuzbergGreetings from an autumn rainy Berlin. xhiller to you from Kreuzberg with love.