Ban Genetically Modified Potatoes!

     |    Tuesday, der 17. August 2010


The EU commission has approved ‘Amflora’, a strain of genetically manipulated potato. The commission has also announced that they will allow for crop use into Europe two new genetically modified types of sweet corn.

Does the planting of genetically modified foods in Europe throw you into a rage? You’re not alone.

Many environmental and consumer organizations are calling for protest. EU law forbids the planting inside the EU of any plants that are a danger to human health. A legal expert from Greenpeace has shown that allowing Amflora to be planted is a breach of  law. The built-in antibiotic resistance gene can carry over into bacteria. These contaminated bacteria can become very dangerous to people.

Fifteen acres of genetically modified potatoes have been planted in Germany (in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

By the way: Billions of people on the planet are starving. This genetically modified strain of potato, developed by BASF, is used in to make starch. This starch is used to produced paper, textiles and glue.