B-Boys in Berlin: Pariser Platz rockin‘ it

     |    Tuesday, der 23. July 2013

b-boys in berlin, breakdancing brandenburg gate, pariser platz, xhiller

B-Boys in Berlin. Breakdance! Breakdancing as an urban art form is not dead – it is alive, kicking and spinning and making folks happy. We took visitors around to the sites in Berlin Mitte on the sunny, lovely weekend and we came across a FREE show at Pariser Platz. These guys danced their hearts out – much to the delight of the crowd that gathered and filled the hat with coins when it was passed around after their demonstration. At least one of guys is associated with the award-winning Flying Steps crew . That looks like Sebi from Crew B-Town Allstars there in the background with the glasses.

Their show was AWESOME! Thanks guys!


Here’s another dancer – they were great personalities and fun to watch.b-boy breakdance in berlin by xhiller at Pariser Platz, Brandenburger Tor, xhiller foto