Autumn means piles of leaves!

     |    Monday, der 25. October 2010

… and if you generally trust the press, then get this: according to the Thüringer Allgemeinen (a regional German newspaper) not only do hedgehogs find refuge in piles of leaves, but so do senior citizens. While taking a walk in the woods, an 83 year old man was overcome by a spell weakness.  He spent the night under some bushes and to the relief of all involved, was found the next morning under a pile of leaves by a passerby.

If you happen to find a hedgehog then you can turn to Pro Igel for help about what to do next. Keep in mind that if you do find a healthy, grown hedgehog of normal size weight under the leaves, please leave it where you found it! But if you find a senior citizen in a pile of leaves, regardless of weight, height or health, free the person at once and take him or her to a warm and safe place!