Talks to Film Director Claudia Indenhock

     |    Wednesday, der 30. June 2010

An interview with Claudia Indenhock, director of the the film WIR LEBEN IM 21 JAHRHUNDERT.


Could you explain how your film characterizes the 21st century?

Not only do we have to work, but we have to multi-task and organize our work plans ourselves as well . Everything is going on all at the same time and we have to accomplish different tasks simultaneously. So much is expected of us nowadays. We are supposed to function like machines. Work until you drop dead. I sometimes ask myself, what are things like for people who, according to their own subjective assessment, do ‘good work’. The kind of people whose work I don’t register. It seems to me like we are living at a time of both disintegration and stagnation.  It’s not a surprise if people feel like they’re just running in place. What is worth the effort nowadays? What’s worth fighting for? For all that,  this film is primarily about Jasmin, Pascal and Patrick. They are the film’s main topic.

How did you come into contact with teens in your film?

I did extensive research and visited a number of classrooms and talked with teachers and parents before I came across the three youths portrayed my film. I felt it was important to find intriguing teenagers who were all in the same class.

Have you done any follow up on the people in your film?

Pascal wanted to do a year of vocational preparatory schooling in metalwork. But then he disappeared all of sudden with his family. I know that Patrick completed practical training at a pet supplies shop. He planned to later get a ‘real’ secondary school certificate (completing 10th grade) at a day and evening school. After Jasmin quit her social work training, she also planned to work toward her secondary school certificate.