Attac Bank Tribunal: Guilty as Charged

     |    Monday, der 12. April 2010

Verdict Announced!

… The five judges at the bank tribunal have announced their verdict. Accordingly to the results, the indicted governments were co-responsible for the bank crisis as well as for their inadequate response to it. Also, the financial institutions were in no way simply “driven by the market”, but were guilty of grossly neglecting their general economic responsibility in the pursuit of increasing their own profit margins.

Attac Bank Tribunal

Bank crisis- bail out – budget deficit – and so on. Just expenses, nothing else? The banks have brought the state and the economy to its knees, but where is the research into the cause of the crisis? And why have those responsible for the disaster not been made accountable for their actions. And worse yet, the next crisis is preprogrammed, as this type of crisis is an integral part of the financial system.  We consider this unacceptable and are inviting the public to participate in a grand bank tribunal – a public civil trial about the bank crisis! From April 9 – 11 with prominent participants at the Volksbühne theater in Berlin. We are investigating the scandal surrounding the bank bail out.  Someone has to do it!