Argentina: Remembering with Film | Victoria | 24.3., ACUD Kino, Berlin

     |    Sunday, der 28. February 2010



The 24th of March is the anniversary of the 1976 military putsch in Argentina. This is not a reason to celebrate but it does represent a chance to look back, and remember. The military made tens of thousands people disappeared – had them murdered – during the 1976-1983 dictatorship. Although that dictatorship is history, the crimes committed by the murderers and their helpers have never been legally prosecuted. In memory of Argentina’s military putsch and dictatorship we are showing the documentary film Victoria , a story of a one’s person fate that represents a fate suffered by many.

Analía’s life as she knew it broke apart in her late twenties when her father tried to commit suicide. Why did he try to take his life? Because he and others were being sought by the Spanish justice through international arrest warrants for acts of torture committed under the aegis of the Navy School of Mechanics (ESMA) in Buenos Aires …

Analía slowly and painfully realizes that her real name is Victoria. This was the name given to her by her mother, who was in retention in ESMA when she gave birth to Victoria in 1977. Victoria was soon taken from her mother’s arms however because the mother was to be murdered in a ‘death flight’ over the Plata River. Victoria’s father was also made to disappear by the military during the dictatorship.

Director Adrián Jaime’s film follows the life of Victoria Donda Perez (today the youngest member of the Argentinian parliament) as she rediscovers her biological parents and her identity.

Victoria : directed by Adrían Jaime (director), Argentina 2008, 85 minutes. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Speakers and a discussion after the film (more information forthcoming).