Africa Migrants Set to Study German Democracy

     |    Thursday, der 17. June 2010

The first project designed by African migrants to study German system of democratisation, organised by cagintua e.V. Kicked off in Belzig on the 29th of May 2010 with a seminar on “democracy , human right and empowerment.”

“When we arrived here we saw a system of government quite different from the one we left behind at home. We began to live with a different culture that is new to us. We admire much in this society and we are eager to have a closer look at this new culture and the system of democracy.”

In the message of Mayor of Belzig Ms. Hannalore Klabunde delivered during the opening session of the project, Mr. Christoph Grund who represented the mayor reminded the participants of the decision taken to see the unity of Germany through in 1990 and urged the participants to seize the opportunity they had to make the best out of this project.

He praised the effort of the migrants for organising this project and pledged the cooperation of the city of Belzig to the them.

In her speech, Dr. Salua Nour a professor of African origin at the Free University in Berlin advised the participants to be “agents of change”. She praised the determination of the participants to acquire democratic experience; pointing out that there is need to promote democracy and participation.

She cited the example of Egypt where “a gentle man sits in office for more than twenty years and making effort to succeed himself with his son” as undemocratic.

She encouraged the participants to see beyond multiplication of the acquired experience through forums and newsletters but to try and put all what they learn during this training into practice in their new home and when they return to their countries of origin. She however quickly pointed out that democracy in Germany as well has its deficiencies.

The first training which also exposed activities and benefits of ICC (International Criminal Court) to the participants was presented by Mr. Dexter Sumner a research analyst who has spent quit a lot of time working and studying the international court. While Thuringian Afro-German politician Zeca Schall delivered a speech bordering on Political system and integration in Germany.

Fifteen participants are currently taking part in this project that runs from 29th of May 2010 till 30th of August 2010.

Project DEMVOTE was sponsored by Stiftung Nord-Sued-Bruecken, “Integrationbeauftragte des Landes Brandenburg” and “Bundesministerium fuer wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung”.