Activists criticised EU and Africa in Wiesenburg

     |    Sunday, der 22. August 2010


Activists criticised EU, Africa, in Wiesenburg

Longinotto’s Documentary film, “the day I will never forget” was among the films screened inside closed tent to support presentations made by Cagintua e.V. during the just concluded ecotopia 2010 in Wiesenburg Germany.

“This is the best place to present your case before the activists” said one of the participants while supporting the claims that the culture of “FGM” (Female Genital Mutilation) is one of the reasons why many African women continue to flee from the continent.

Other discussions that enjoyed the attention of the participants include “the roles being played by both the EU and African leaders in sending more African youths out of the continents as refugees.”

During the discussion that followed the presentation bordering on “over fishing of African waters,” the participants argued that the cases of poverty creation in Africa, bad governance and refugees are connected. One of the participants pointed out that the hands of EU and African leaders are not clean in this game of “refugees creation,” even though EU continue to clamp dawn on undocumented immigrants and some African leaders continue to sign pacts that allow EU to remove undocumented immigrants by force.

“African leaders are clever, they really know what to do as to bring better life to the people of their countries but they are under pressure not to do it, that is the simple truth,” said another participant who also criticised the roles of IMF as not helping African countries but adding to their problems.

The question that followed this remark was, why?

Answer; if poverty is eradicated in Africa, the continent would depend less on Europe, no more refugees would be coming in, to do menial jobs in Europe and African countries would be strong enough to dictate the price to sell their mineral resources and that would not be good enough for the buyers.

The cases of Libya and Gabon attracted another set of debates even outside the tent. Activists remarked that these two countries do not contribute to the bulk of asylum seekers because their governments give social assistance to the citizens. While answering another question from a participants, Obiri Mokini suggested that to bring better life to Africa, both African activists and the European activists need to work together as a team. “Government to government relationship has not done much to bring better life to African people in terms of development.”

Many activists and participant at ecotopia 2010 took part in answering the “Three Questions below.

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1. Who/what do you think is partly responsible for the influx of refugees from Africa into Europe?

(a) African Governments (They promote bad governance)

(b) European Government (They promote bad trade with Africa)

(c) Lack of correct information

(d) All of the above

(e ) None of the above

2. Do you believe that Africa is truly independent?

(a) Yes, Africa is independent

(b) No, may be later

(c) Some African countries are truly independent?

d) Only one country is independent

(e) None of the above

3. The greatest enemy of Africa is/are

(a) IMF

(b) Weapon sellers that sell weapons to Africa

(c) Corruption

(d) All of the above

(e) None of the Above