About Kim Longinotto

     |    Friday, der 26. June 2009

Kim Longinotto’s films have won countless awards and have been shown at major film festivals around the world.  Loginotto is an acclaimed, respected and highly admired documentary filmmaker who uses the camera to bring faraway places up close.  She merges into the world of those she portrays, almost to the point of disappearing. You find yourself asking: how did she ever get that on film?  Wouldn’t having a stranger around (a stranger with a camera, no less) cause her subjects to fall silent? Perhaps Longinotto can document such intimate moments because she somehow melts into the scenery.From watching the films, you wouldn’t know she was present as she captures such delicate moments. Longinotto rarely shows people speaking to an inteviewer or directly into the camera. Longinotto isn’t a pushy director. She seems to film in a state of free-floating attentiveness, unbound by preconception or pretense, and her attitude toward the viewer is similar. Longinotto is an observer who allows people to make their own observations. What’s her opinion on the issues she documents? Watch carefully and form your own! The effect of a scene isn’t channeled by any type of commentary.

Kim Longinotto has been producing her own films since 1986 with her own company, “Twentieth Century Vixen”.