|    Tuesday, der 16. March 2010

Convergence of Media – 360º Development


With the incremental convergence of media, we are seeing an increase in multi-platform content development. Yet developing and producing 360º Content is too complex and the projects often too large to be handled by one production company only. Thus there is a need to bring together players from the different sectors of the media industry – film, TV, games, mobile and internet – for a new kind of co-operation: the crossmedia co-production.

FMX 2010 launches the 360º Co-Production Market

In response to the increase in crossmedia content development, FMX 2010 is launching the

360º Co-Production Market. The market will enable artists and media production companies

to find co-producers from other media sectors for their multi-platform projects and ventures.

Call for projects

To launch the co-production market, the FMX 2010 calls for producers and artists to submit their multi-platform projects in order to present themselves and their projects at FMX 2010 to the high profile audience. Projects will be selected by the 360° Co-Production Market team.

The presentations will be flanked by a series of lectures and case studies on crossmedia content development, multi-platform production and the emerging business models.