Berlin Diary: The Art of Guerrilla Gardening

     |    Monday, der 13. September 2010

Wasteland can be cultivated! Guerrilla gardening is a concept whose time has come. Follow the instructions on the seed packet. Seedlings grow into self-assured plants with their own personalities, talents and gifts. Plants are our friends. You can start your seeds on your window bank and plant them out as soon as it gets warm 

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Berlin Diary: The Color of Summer

     |    Friday, der 10. September 2010

  The shades of fall are starting to appear. Warm yellows on the trees, deep orange and crimson on leaves already fallen. I’m savoring color now so I can take the fresh taste of summer with me through the long winter. These flowers grace the playground at Lausitzer Platz. Their deep blue and purple is 

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Berlin Diary: Street Life

     |    Tuesday, der 7. September 2010

  It is important to find oases of calm. These chairs are invitation to sit down and relax. I think a good cafe is really like an extension of your own home. A place where you ca be alone, or chat with whomever happens to be around. Lerchen und Eulen ( Larks and Owls: a 

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